Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Third semester, down.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PhotobucketNote:
Utter ridiculous outfit.

Service crew for the Around Europe in One Night event.

 My latter post was constructed before my semester began.

This post was written on the final two weeks of the semester.

Let us begin by declaring the fact that my schedule was relatively packed on the weekdays. Myself and a few more were appointed to handle several events hosted by the Hospital Society throughout the semester. The first challenge was to host an Amazing Race-que Hospitality style event. Getting the games are easier than to gather the participants.

After several financial issues that came along with the event, we successfully pulled the event off much thanks to all of the society members that helped out with the games. It was one of the most relieving moments in my campus experience after seeing our efforts paid off. All the brain cells lost during the planning of the event...

This was my idea.
Sorry guys.


 That aside, came along several subjects that I despise the most.

Accounts, for obvious reasons.
French, what was taught was really different during the test. I think I'm gonna flunk this.

Ah well, best I could do now is to do well in the finals and pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

Stay tuned for further updates. keke.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013; bringing in the 21 in 2013 in me.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PhotobucketNote: I think for the past nine months I've been watching videos after videos of this YouTuber called Pewdiepie. He makes videos about games and commentates as he plays, which he is really good at. Funny as hell. Aside from posts from 9gag.com, it seems like my entire house in Nilai has been keeping up with him daily and talking about the vids he makes as they're uploaded every morning.

Here's one of his latest vids, enjoy.


I remembered it as if it was just several days ago, when I celebrated my Christmas eve night and the New Year's eve with my friends in Kuantan and the latter in KL in 2011.

Fun is one word to describe both of the events that has happened in 2012.

I would say that on both occasions on both years, we pretty much did the same thing though not exactly with the same people around. How nice would it be to have the same circle of friends to be celebrating with the same year after because we would have so much be talked about.

To go insane once again, to go all out again, making silly remarks and then regretting the day after.

Then cue the trademark dinner we cook ourselves. Truth be told, most credits goes to Jun Hung & Melisa for being the chef in charge.

In 2011.


Perhaps my biggest regret in this semester break is to leave my DSLR behind. I didn't even took any photos of the Christmas night in 2012. Many still remain in my phone, credits to Whatsapp.

 Time hits 5:37AM now.
I don't have much photos to be uploaded and the amount of texts involved to describe my Christmas night & my NYE trip to KL with the gang is too much. Maybe when I get hold of some of the photos, then I'll reblog about them.

This is us at the Gardens Residence before departing to Vertigo. Mad night it has been. By the time the year hits 1 hour old, it was so bloody packed you could hardly find a solid ground to step on without stepping on other people's foot.  It was like I'm being tossed into a mosh party full of sweaty guys and random girls bumping their butt on you. It's like a combination of Yin & Yang attacking at once.

We exited the club at about 1.15am, spending roughly an hour plus in there before nearly suffocating.

This might just be my last time attending to these venues on major events.

Nonetheless the party that followed after we exited the club was fun nonetheless. I really enjoyed staying in the hotel, with the drinking and games aside. I wish we could've stayed one more night to chill around but unfortunately the price bears too high of a match to us. Perhaps some other day in the future eh?

Happy belated New Year, people. I had a good time with my friends and I hope you guys had as well.

Bracing for the new semester, the hard way. Here comes the theory subjects.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Return.

Too many times have I abandoned my six year old (soon to be seven) blog that I've been working on tirelessly over the ages when I was younger. I'd browse the net all night long learning simple codes on HTML to customize my blog without having any third party touches. It taught me aplenty albeit I could hardly remember any of them now. It's been too long.

The trip to Port Dickson.

Since the last post on this blog, I've a fair life to start began with. A new life, a second chance I was granted but there are some downfalls along the way. Some I have taken with ease while some just hit me so hard, it is the very few times in life that I have been demoralized, demotivated so badly. It is not my conscience that struck me the hardest but the sheer awe from my perspective of how things are working out around in our lives. Fairy tales exists in no one's reality. You are what you do, what you are about to do and if it isn't good enough then you aren't good enough.

Moving on; I enrolled myself into the School of Hospitality & Tourism in Nilai University, Nilai somewhere mid this year. First few days of the orientation was arguably boring and I was pretty isolated from the other students, I couldn't find myself anyone that's taking the same course as I am until the third day. He was then my close buddy until today.

The service-class final event that we organized.
Theme : Halloween.

Service class.

Everything was fine for the first semester. I could've gone on and on about it but I think I'd save it for another post in the future.

The change of the academical approach was rather drastic. From ordinary high school subjects, we were brought into classes like Beverage knowledge, Restaurant Service knowledge, Basic Food Preparation, napkin folding, cutlery & glassware recognizing and so much more. Most of us took our time adapting to the change. For me, it took a relatively long time to gather my thoughts that I'll be going through this for the years to come.

Against all odds, I gave my all and did pretty well for the first semester. Except for one subject that I couldn't do well; ditto to the other 40 other students.

Sorry but I kept getting distracted by the other tabs on my Firefox that I couldn't continue one paragraph without getting out of track. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the game tonight.

Don't leaveeee!

Apparently, mom bought a bottle of Vodka to celebrate with me tonight. Dafuq, I have to wake up early in the morning, mom!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Growing up.

This is Rayan, my nephew. Undoubtedly the cutest and my favorite among all.

I've written a post before when he was very young, about 3 months old. Here.

And this is him about 30 months later.

That would be my niece, Rayan's younger sister who was born in mid 2011. Her name is Suri Bang.

Time sure flies. Little children growing up while I am still assembling memories of my own past.

Also, I've just bought myself a Ukelele yesterday. Been wanting to get a hold of this cute instrument since last year but I've budgeted myself too well to be able to get one :(
Bought them over at Kuantan Music Centre for a decent price of RM288 and a set of acoustic strings for my acoustic guitar for RM25 cause mine is all rusted already. I think it's been about 7 months already since I last changed the strings, it could use a brand new set of strings.

So far I've only gotten as far as I'm Yours. Still looking for songs to be played and chords to be memorized. It's kinda tough to learn actually. Because of it's size, I have troubles holding them while playing, especially when I'm using barred chords.

Also because it is still relatively new, the smooth surface of the wooden board keeps slipping off.

After an ukelele, what's my next instrument? I plan to go for the flute!

If you have any songs to recommend on the ukelele, do drop a comment in the section below.


Monday, February 27, 2012

The beach in 2012 Feb.

Just recently purchased a 3rd party battery charger for my DSLR as I've lost the previous one.

Still couldn't remember where have I placed it.

One of my best shots taken at the beach during one evening.

I hope you find this as amazing as I do, not the photo but the thousand words in it.